How to use the disc.wiki bot

This page is a reference guide for the available commands in our Discord bot. The page itself is built using disc.wiki.

Bot commands

/watch - Automatically send new messsages and edits from the channel the command is run in to the wiki


  • url - Set server name in URL
  • display_name - Set server name in Title
  • restrict - Restrict channel wiki to a certain role
  • unrestrict - Unrestrict channel wiki
  • order - Sets order messages are listed in the wiki
  • link_color - Customise link colour (use hex code, eg: #000000)
  • body_color - Customise message body colour (use hex code, eg #000000)
  • header_color - Customise message header colour (use hex code, eg #000000)
  • header - Turn the message header on/off (author/date information)
  • style - Change page style between Messages (looks like a list of discord messages) and Text (looks more like a traditional wiki page)
  • invite_url - Set the invite url to the server