Get started with disc.wiki

Inviting the bot

:online: https://disc.wiki/bot/invite

Follow the prompts and accept the permissions to ensure the bot works correctly.

Set up your wiki

Configure the bot to your liking. Check #bot-commands for a full listing of everything you can set.

Set your Server url

Use the command /dw url . For example, to access your wiki at https://disc.wiki/your-server, run /dw url your-server

Select your wiki style

You can choose between a standard wiki-type Text style or a listing of Discord messages showing message author and post time with the command /dw style Text or /dw style Messages

An example of the Text style

An example of the Messages style

Set up a channel to watch, or manually add messages

Type /watch in a channel and disc.wiki will automatically import any new messages into your wiki.

Alternatively, you can manually add to the wiki by right clicking on a message, going to the Apps menu and selecting Add to wiki, or by mentioning @disc.wiki in a message.